Telecoms for Smart Grids
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With the emergent Smart Grids sector gaining pace, there is an increasing demand for the public and private network communication providers to establish their role in providing the infrastructure and foundation for smart grid communication. SMi’s Telecoms for Smart Grids conference will examine the current state of smart grid communication and identify the key issues and requirements the industry is facing. New technology, service requirements and future application demands, and next generation communications architecture will be analysed and discussed to inform the industry of what is needed for successful Smart Grid communication. The conference will bring together senior-level representatives from utilities, telecom operators and service providers to update and inform the industry on where they see the future of smart grids.

Topics Covered
  • Introducing Telecoms to the Smart Grid
  • Smart Grid Networking Standards
  • The Regulatory Challenges and Potential Barriers
  • Wireless in Smart Grids
  • Data Collection and Assimilation
  • Current Connectivity Solutions
  • The Regulators Role in Supporting the Industry
  • Ensuring Reliability and Efficiency



This event is designed and targeted to meet the demands of senior executives from utilities, telcos and other critical infrastructure companies as well their respective technology and financial partners.
Managers, Heads, CEO's from:

·         Telcom Operators
·         Utitlities
·         Grid Infrastructure Vendors
·         Smart Meter Vendors
·         Networking and Software & Systems Providers
·         Semiconductors and Components
·         Industry Associations, Advocacy Groups, and Government Agencies

Managers, Heads, CEO's from: Telcom Operator, Utilities, Grid Infrastructure Vendors, Smart Meter Vendors, Networking and Software & Systems Providers, Semiconductors and Components, Industry Associations, Advocacy Groups, and Government Agencies


Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Jonas Vestin

Jonas Vestin, President Eltel Networks AMM, Eltel Networks A/S

9:10 EU Commission update: Broadband infrastructure and the Smart Grid

Mariana Stantcheva

Mariana Stantcheva, Research Programme Officer Information Society and Media Directorate-General , EU Commission

• Providing a reliable and secure ICT infrastructure
• Ensuring of cost effective communications conditions for smart grids and smart metering
• Possibilities to open the smart grid in terms of cooperation between the telecom and Utility sector
• Ensuring of competitiveness in providing services and future grid applications
• Involving more stakeholders into the market

9:20 Opening Address: Telecoms for Smart Grids

Robin Crowther

Robin Crowther, Business Systems Manager, British Gas

  • Telecoms for Smart Grids
  • What will drive the choice of telecommunications infrastructure for Smart Grids?
  • Change is in the Air- A look inside and outside the Smart Grid
  • What does the Smart Grid need to control?
  • How will we handle Data Collection?
  • So where do we store this data?
  • Customer Led Network Revolution
  • The Telecommunication network will depend on:
    -Control intelligence
    -Data store
  • 9:55 Integrated Communications for the Smart Grid

    Paul Brodrick

    Paul Brodrick, Business Development Director Utilities , Cable & Wireless Worldwide

  • Understanding the complexity of the ICT challenge
  • Enabling market transformation and sharing transition risks
  • A new delivery vision for operational networks
  • What the future holds
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Keynote Address:Translating Smart Grid Needs into Telecoms Requirements

    ·         Introduction to Central Networks( A Distribution Network Operator with 5M customers and 90,000 substations)

    ·         An overview of the existing network

    ·         The drivers and benefits of a Smart Grid from the electricity distribution network viewpoint - the challenges faced by the network ( PV, EV DG etc)

    ·         Translation of those drivers into Telecoms requirements

    ·         Possible telecoms Architecture for the Smart Grid – looking at network solution and possible components

    ·         The challenges ( timescales, skills, etc)

    Mark Simpson

    Mark Simpson, Chairman, Joint Radio Company

    11:35 Intelligent Use of Networks

    Neill Young

    Neill Young, Smart Metering Manager, Everything Everywhere

    ·         Managing data profiles

    ·         Maintaining coverage

    ·         Interoperability

    ·         Using secondary connections into the home

    ·         Management of the connection and the data travelling over it

    12:05 Radio Mesh Technology: Delivering the Smart Grid at Scale Today

    James Pace

    James Pace, Senior Director, Silver Spring Networks

    • Smart Grid Requirements
    • Smart Metering at Scale
    • Distribution Automation and Metering: Leveraging the same network architecture
    • Proof points from global deployments

    12:40 Networking Lunch

    13:40 Malaga Smart City Project: Telecommunications Framework - Building the Foundations for a Smart City

    Felipe Alvarez-cuevas Figuerola

    Felipe Alvarez-cuevas Figuerola, Project Manager , Endesa Distribucion

    ·         Scope of the project

    ·         Services, use cases, and requirements

    ·         Advanced smart grid applications.

    ·         Communication technologies and architecture.

    ·         Data models and protocols

    ·         Specific deployments within the Malaga project

    14:15 The Requirements and Expectations Regarding a Sufficient and Reliable ICT-Infrastructure Embedded In a Cost-Efficient Electricity Grid of the Future

    14:50 Afternoon Tea

    15:20 Enabling cost-efficient communications for SMART grids and metering

    Antonio  Bove

    Antonio Bove, Senior Product Manager, Astra Broadband Services

  • Scenario: Evolution of Smart Infrastructure Networks
  • Technology: How wireless satellite communications can support  intelligent infrastructure networks for all utility sectors
  • Make or buy: a ROI based analysis for a communication network
  • Value for money:  performance comparison between public and private networks for critical voice and data communications
  • A case study
  • 15:55 The Open Smart Grid

    Goran Naslund

    Goran Naslund, Global Business Development Manager, Vodafone

    ·         Future Grid applications

    ·         A flexible and open infrastructure is fundamental

    ·         How can the Telecom and Utility industry cooperate in the development and operation of the Smart Grid?

    ·         What are the benefits of public versus private networks?

    ·         How to manage the large number of data and billing info?

    ·         How to prepare for future known and unknown needs within the Grid?

    ·         What are, and how do we meet, the end-user expectations?

    16:30 An Industry Leading Case Study

    Noel Rushe

    Noel Rushe, Telecoms Manager, ESB

    ·         Key issues and developments

    ·         What the future of Smart Grids holds

    ·         What telecoms and utilities can learn

    ·         Conclusions from the pilots

    17:05 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Jonas Vestin

    Jonas Vestin, President Eltel Networks AMM, Eltel Networks A/S

    9:10 Can Telecom make a Smart Grid capable of guaranteeing energy supply During the Energy Transition?

    Eric van Aken

    Eric van Aken, Telecoms consultant, Alliander

    ·         What steps do we have to take now to stay in control tomorrow

    ·         What telecom needs can support these requirement today?

    ·         Will the changes that Smart grid communication require, change outside the solutions of Telco’s (MNO’s)?

    ·         Requirements Now:

    o    Passive response based on customer based event recording 

    ·         Requirements Tomorrow:

    o    Active control on information from data

    o    Active control on boundaries of assets

    o    Active control on requirements from the customer

    9:45 Smart Meters for the Power Grid of the Future

    Peter Berger

    Peter Berger, Smart Energy Business Development Manager , Deutsche Telekom

    10:20 Morning Coffee

    10:55 Smart Metering vs. Smart Energy

    Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones, Smart Grid Manager, EDF Energy

    ·         Effect of the Election

    ·         Prospectus

    ·      Consultation Approach

    ·         Delivery

    ·         Conclusions

    11:30 Panel Discussion:

    ·         Private vs. Public Networks

    ·         Wireless in Smart Grids

    ·         Smart Grid Communications streams

    ·         Data Collection and Assimilation

    John Holland

    John Holland, Head of New Business Development and Innovation, RWCE, Ericsson

    Felipe Alvarez-cuevas Figuerola

    Felipe Alvarez-cuevas Figuerola, Project Manager , Endesa Distribucion

    Svetlana Grant

    Svetlana Grant, Project Manager Embedded Mobile Programme , GSMA

    12:05 Networking Lunch

    13:05 Mobile for smart utilities: technology evolution and partnership opportunities

    Svetlana Grant

    Svetlana Grant, Project Manager Embedded Mobile Programme , GSMA

     • Supporting Smart Utilities communications requirements with mobile technologies

    • Planning for the future: The evolution of mobile networks

    • What are the partnership opportunities and learnings from the early joint AMI rollouts?


    13:40 Wireless in Smart Grids

    John Holland

    John Holland, Head of New Business Development and Innovation, RWCE, Ericsson

    ·         What role can be played

    ·         A necessity not a choice

    ·         Who will use the public networks

    ·         Which sectors will maintain private networks?

    ·         Options, benefits, and challenges

    14:15 Afternoon Tea

    14:45 A Vision on M2M Telecommunication Based on Business Expectation and Requirements

    Robin Hagemans

    Robin Hagemans, Senior Consultant Technical Automation & Telecom, Alliander

    ·         Distribution Automation, Electrical Vehicles, Smart Metering; A new place to work and on Smart Grids in MV/LV

    ·         Possible technologies and the developed a strategic approach for sourcing in Telecommunication Solutions

    ·         The Grid operator shall be serious

    ·         Developing knowledge about the Telecom grid

    15:20 A Telecoms Operator M2M Technology Case Study

    Geoff Sarney

    Geoff Sarney, Head of Smart Metering Telefonica, Telefonica O2 UK

    ·         Connecting smart meters across the UK

    ·         Using the network to accelerate the roll out of Smart meters

    ·         Key issues and developments

    ·         What can be learnt

    15:55 Long Range Radio for Smart Grids

    Andy Slater

    Andy Slater, Director Marketing EMEA, Sensus

  • The challenges for Utilities
  • What defines a Smart Grid
  • Standardisation
  •  Long Range Radio – FlexNet
  •  A Smart Grid in action
  • 16:30 The Vision for a Smart Grid Ecosystem: A Case Study

    Martin Kaiser

    Martin Kaiser, Director Roadmap Service Solutions - Fixed & Mobile, Bouygues Telecom

  • The vision for an eco-system for Smart Grids in France
  • France's first Smart Grid project in Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • A collaboration of Alstom, Bouygues Immobilier and Bouyges Telecom together with other partners
  • 17:05 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two



    Telecoms technologies and capabilities for Smart Grid deployments

    Telecoms technologies and capabilities for Smart Grid deployments

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